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First of all, people from different locations and different religious beliefs communicate on the website. They are all official visitors to our website. Therefore, if we want this community to work, we need rules. We strongly recommend that you read these rules and it will only take you five minutes, otherwise it will save us and you time and lead to making the site more interesting and organized. First of all, on our website, you need to contact the administrator or version if you have any complaints (using personal messaging). Others who violate human rights are considered one of the most serious violations. First, we are severely punished by the government with our strict prohibitions on racism, religion and political speech. Thanks in advance for understanding you and hope our website is more polite and friendly. Access to the site is strictly prohibited:-messages that are not related to the content or discussion of the article-insults and threats to site visitors-prohibits discussions that contain damage to insults, degrading human dignity, inciting racial hatred, spam and any product advertising Speechless services and other resources, media or events that allow us to achieve extraordinary respect, as well as sites where you and other readers chat and express ideas. If these requirements are not met, the administration reserves the right to delete comments or parts of the site. You may receive a warning if you violate the rules. In some cases, it may be prohibited without warning. Please write about the removal ban. Post admin to forbid admin post to insult admin post or host-respect the work of others.

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